Choosing the Right Casters for Your Products

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Equipment

If you manufacture products which move about, you can install many kinds of wheels. However, wheels like Albion casters are some of the best available in Michigan because they have special features. Here are some reasons to consider heavy-duty caster wheels for your company.

The Importance of Quality

Suppose you manufacture utility carts or large tool boxes. Unless you make a high-quality product, your competition may soon surpass you. However, even the finest carts and tool boxes behave like cheap imitations if the customer has trouble moving them around. This is why you should use quality-made Albion casters in Michigan from a caster distributor like Casters & Equipment Co.

What Makes a Heavy-Duty Caster?

A formed steel top plate and yoke is the sign of a well-made caster. This part is the main support for the wheel, and it is vital to have a strong base for use in rugged environments.

Cheap wheels wear out quickly because they do not have ball bearings. To get extended service from your casters, you should consider Albion casters in Michigan because they have a double ball bearing swivel section.

Corrosion Resistance

Do your products see use in wet, humid, or damp environments? If so, a zinc plated finish caster is usually the best choice. However, for food services, you may want to go with stainless steel finishes. This gives you maximum protection against corrosive and wet conditions.


Do you want permanently sealed bearings? They are easy to maintain, but for maximum service life, casters with grease fittings work best. You only lubricate them occasionally, and they offer the best performance and long-life service. When you need the finest casters in the business, go to your caster dealer. They have some of the best products at the most affordable prices and can help you choose stock or custom casters.

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