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Choosing Residential Rehab In Los Angeles: Questions To Ask

In many situations family members, including parents, spouses, partners or adult children, may actually be in charge of choosing a residential rehab. Los Angeles offers many different programs, and it will be important to choose which option is right for your loved one.

Ideally, and if possible, the person who will attend the residential rehab should be involved in the selection of the facility. It allows the addict to take responsibility for making that first move to a new lifestyle, and it also allows him or her to feel more in control of the entire process.

It is highly recommended that a list of questions is developed about each of the programs the family is considering. This is essential to make sure you are comparing the same treatment components and not getting caught up in just one aspect of a residential rehab without considering others.

Experience of Staff and Facility

In Los Angeles, there are a number of residential rehab program that start up only to shut back down again within a very short period of time. However, there are also some very experienced and professional programs that have been highly effective in supporting addiction recovery in the area for years.

The longer the residential rehab has been in operation, the more likely it is to have top staff. Look for a facility with a low patient to staff ratio, trained and licensed professionals on site 24/7, and that there are individuals working in the program with specialized training in addiction recovery.

Specific Treatment Methods

Along with the facility and the professionals, don’t forget to ask about the different treatment options provided for your loved ones. Facilities will all offer group and individual counseling, but do they also provide education about addiction, recreational activities on and off site, relapse prevention planning, aftercare and discharge planning as well as life skills and vocational training?

Support for the Family

To assist with a return to the family after the residential rehab has been completed, top programs provide services to the families. This can include group sessions as well as assistance in understanding the discharge and aftercare service recommendations.

Having family support while the addict is in residential rehab in Los Angeles makes the transition home much easier, and also provides the family with a structured plan to support the individual as they start their new lifestyle.

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