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Choose a Full-Service Swimming Pool Contractor in Orange County for Your Next Job

If you call around to hire a Swimming Pool Contractor in Orange County, you may find that some of them cannot actually provide the service you’re looking for. Some only do new installations, others renovate old pools but don’t touch decks, and still others just maintain existing pools. This can make it hard to get everything done without having to deal with at least two different companies.

Fortunately, there are some pool contractors that actually handle everything. Aquanetic Pools is one example of a full service company. They do new pools, renovations, and pool decks so you don’t have to look for another company to finish the job.

New pool construction often involves custom work. This goes far beyond the simple shape and depth of the pool. It also includes choices in plastering materials, stairs, coping, tiling, and decking. When choosing these aspects, it’s important to consider more than appearances. Concrete pool stairs, for example, are much easier to use than ladders. Also, the various plastering materials have different levels of texture and durability. Commercial pool customers also need to consider ADA compliance, and may need to look for a company that can install a wheelchair lift for their new pool.

Pool renovations will eventually be needed no matter what sort of material is used originally. At this time, you’ll get to decide on the materials to use for re-plastering, new coping, and new tiling. It’s a great chance to upgrade a mediocre-looking pool into a showpiece, but keep durability in mind when you pick your new finish. Look for a finish that resists etching and staining so you won’t need to have renovations redone for a long time to come.

Choosing a swimming pool installation contractor in Orange County that also does pool decks will save you from having to get another company to handle this essential aspect of your pool area. A pool contractor truly understands the environment such decks must endure, and will be able to provide the materials that can stand up to it. The contractor will also be able to provide colors and patterns that will look great next to the pool’s coping, so everything will have a nice, unified appearance.

Aquanetic Pools are your best choice for top custom pool spa design construction services in Orange Country, Laguna Woods, Laguna Niguel and Fountain Valley! For more information visit https://www.aquaneticpools.com/

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