Cabinets and Chairs at a Furniture Store in Main Line PA: Not Necessarily Political

While browsing the many items available at a fine Furniture Store in Main Line PA, a recent national election may still be on the customer’s mind. Media information and personal conversations sometimes address topics such as who will be in the cabinet and which persons will chair certain committees. This might bring questions to mind as to why furniture metaphors are used in politics as well as in business.

Centuries ago, it became standard for individuals in positions of power and prestige to sit in a special chair designated for the position of stature. It was the seat that everyone in the room could recognize as belonging to the person in charge, or deserving of a higher level of esteem than the norm. Religious and political leaders are examples of those who sat in these chairs. Eventually, the term chairman, and later chairperson became standard. Examples of chair positions include those for finance committees, boards of educations and government agencies.

But why is a group of high-level support personnel for a president referred to as a cabinet? The original concept was not connected with the idea of today’s cabinetry, which essentially functions as large or small closets for various items. Those cupboards around the kitchen that house dishware, pans, and canned goods can be thought of as miniature closets. In the presidential realm, the word cabinet is associated with the concept of a small room that ensures privacy. There, the president and important staff members can meet, have discussions and make decisions.

Customers at a Furniture Store in Main Line PA can expect to find a broad range of chairs and cabinets, whether these customers are looking to furnish the living room, family room or kitchen. They might want to add a single chair to a bedroom, bathroom or entryway. Dining room options generally include a table and chairs, but customers also have the option to buy individual chairs if they need extras. Snack bar chairs and bar stools are available. When it comes to cabinets and chairs, a store like Martin’s Furniture has numerous styles to appeal to a variety of shoppers. Click here to view some images of the store’s inventory.

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