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Bringing Farm Management to the Digital Forefront Through Apps

Farm business management has been around since the beginning of technology. Now, it’s time to bring technology to farm business management without a pad, pen, and copious notes. Read on to see how the digital age has arrived on the field.

Data Driven Solutions

Utilization of technology on the farm has the ability of providing solutions that are data driven from your specific farm. This type of technology is no longer based on generalities, but from your specific location. Therefore, as conditions at your farm change with the season or the year, the best solutions for your farm will be provided. This removes any guesswork and builds confidence in your actions for your farm. Additionally, with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, new data driven connections can be made that would not be directly obvious from data collected with a pen and notebook. This is the best way of bringing modern science to a farm.

Easy Tracking
Tracking of crop information and crop of your crop calendar has never been easier. Additionally, for both growers and consumers, tracking additional inputs on the farm such as pesticides and fertilizers is highly important. For growers, this is done to calculate cost of production and consumers need to know that their food is safe. When farmers and support staff use collect data via the app, management can gain instant access to crop and farms through a web interface. These mobile solutions when integrated into supply chain can provide all information at the tip of your finger.
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Ready to bring the digital age to your farm management style? Bring the global expertise of SourceTrace for farm business management to you farm today.

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