Bring Your Smile Back With Teeth Whitening In Appleton WI

How can you smile if you have teeth that are stained or chipped? You go to a social function that your job puts on and find yourself standing off to the side so that you don’t have to smile at the things people say. What you need is to talk with your dentist about Teeth Whitening in Appleton WI. The dentist can discuss if you are a good candidate for a professional teeth whitening procedure.

If you have any cavities, you will have to have them all filled before the dentist will consider the whitening procedure. You could go to the drug store and buy one of those teeth whitening kits and try to do the job yourself. The problem is that the trays in those kits are a one-size-fits-all and may leak around your gums. If it does, you could cause some pretty bad gum problems.

The dentist will custom make whitening trays so that they fit your mouth perfectly. Another thing to consider is that at the dentist they use a stronger whitening solution than you can get with kits and they also use a laser for any tough stains. The professional whitening procedure may need to be done over a couple visits to get the right amount of whitening and stain removal.

There are some stains that just can’t be removed no matter how hard you try. For teeth that have these kinds of stains or have stains coupled with chipped teeth there is another option that can bring back your bright smile. You could opt for having veneers bonded right onto your teeth.

The Veneers Appleton WI will be made to fit over your teeth perfectly. No one will be able to tell them from bright white natural teeth and the bonding process means they never just fall out like bridges or dentures can sometimes do.

If you are being passed over for promotions or missing out in social situations because you are to embarrassed about what your teeth look like, you should make an appointment with your dentist to discuss whether teeth whitening or veneers are the best way to get your smile back. Don’t wait any longer, call for your dental appointment today.

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