Benefits of Using Automotive Shop Software

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Business

In the automobile repair and servicing industry, efficiency, speed and cost management are very important. These three factors are what would help you attract new clients, retain the existing ones and make your business profitable. Using automotive shop software helps you achieve all of these without stress. Some benefits of using automobile shop software for your business include:

Easier and Accurate Estimates
Using auto shop software makes it easier for you to prepare job estimates for your clients. You would be able to easily determine labor times required for each job, prices of spare parts and other inputs needed for the job. This will allow you to be able to come up with accurate estimates for any job in a matter of minutes.

Better Inventory Management
A poor inventory management system can cause your business to lose a lot of money. Using automotive shop software, however, helps to make the inventory system easier and automated. The software helps you keep an eye on your inventory so that you can easily know when you need to purchase parts or other inventories.

Improved Work Efficiency
The software also helps to increase workflow and efficiency. Less fussing around in search of information; you can simply look into your computer to find out necessary information like customer history, job status, stock availability, vehicle location and payment information. The software allows you more time to focus on your repair jobs rather than on shop administration and management.

Easy Job Scheduling
You can also use automotive shop software for easy job scheduling between various departments or employees. Each department or employee can easily find out information about jobs performed by another department in cases where a vehicle has to be worked on by different departments or employees.

Better Customer Service
Another great way this software would help you promote your business is keeping in touch with your clients. When you maintain contact with your clients regularly, you would always be in their minds and therefore, you are likely to be the first they would call on when they need the services you offer.

Some automotive shop software comes with features like email management that allow you to keep in touch with your clients, remind them when their vehicles are due for check-up and maintenance and inform them that their cars are ready for pick-up. Lastly, you can use automotive repair software to monitor the overall performance of your business and know the areas that need improvement.

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