Before You Go To A Gold Buyer in OKC

Before you go to a Gold Buyer in OKC, it can be really helpful if you do some preparation ahead of time. Perhaps the most important thing that you can do is to gather all of your gold jewelry together and separate it into piles based upon the gold content. Naturally, pure gold is the most valuable of all types of gold. This type of gold, while exceedingly rare, is sometimes used in jewelry. It will be marked with a “24k” marking, and this type of gold is extremely soft. It is often damaged since it is so easy to scratch its soft surface. However, most gold is melted down for use in other jewelry, thus the damage may be irrelevant to the price that your gold buyer offers you.

The next most valuable type of gold is far more common. 18 karat gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts another metal such as copper. 18 karat gold has an “18k” marking and it has a very warm butter yellow color. 18 karat gold is fairly durable thanks to the presence of a stronger base metal, and it is very valuable to gold buyers. 14 karat gold is the most frequently used kind of gold for jewelry. It is marked with a “14k” marking. This type of gold has a less yellow hue than 18 karat gold does. It is less brilliant, but it is also stronger due to the increased presence of base metal.

12 karat gold is very unusual today, but it is sometimes used in older jewelry. 12 karat gold, which is marked “12k,” is half pure gold and half base metal, which means that it lacks the bright yellow color of higher karat golds. 10 karat gold, marked with a “10k,” is very commonly used in jewelry because it is the least expensive type of gold available today. This kind of gold looks very similar to 12 karat gold, but it has less of a genuine yellow hue than the higher karats of gold have. While it is the least valuable karat of gold, even 10 karat gold is highly prized by a gold buyer in OKC today.

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