Become Licensed to Provide Sport Massage in Oahu HI

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Massage

Massages of all types are very popular due to the many benefits people get from massage therapy. Some use Sport massage in Oahu HI, for example, as a way to enhance sports performance and keep muscles flexible. Others utilize Swedish and Lomi-Lomi massages as a way to relax and relieve stress. Thai stretching massages can increase flexibility and loosen tight muscles. Deep tissue massage is often favored by those with tight muscles because the added pressure soothes soreness and stiffness that can accompany that chronic pain. In addition to relief from muscle pain and stress, massage has several other benefits as well. It can elevate the mood and relieve anxiety; rid the body of toxins and impurities; and restore the natural balance of energy.

Massage therapists are in demand, so becoming a licensed therapist for Sport massage in Oahu HI, as well as other types of massage, can provide a rewarding career, and a steady income. There are many programs available that prepare participants for State examinations for a license. Potential students should consider where their interests lie before enrolling in a particular course. Not all schools teach all types of massage. Advanced techniques, such as traditional Thai massage or Thai foot reflexology, for example, may not be offered as part of the curriculum. Some programs are also geared toward teaching already licensed massage therapists a specific technique or type of massage. Potential students and therapists that are already licensed can go to for details on programs offered.

In addition to finding a program that suits needs and interests, compare a few schools regarding pricing, accreditation, career opportunities, and the length of the course. Some schools, for example, will provide classes, but do not include any focus on the State examination process for licensing. Other schools will have practice tests to let students know what to expect, and ensure they are more comfortable about taking the examinations. Consider how many total hours the tuition includes. Some programs include only classes, while others have an internship program for hands-on experience. Depending on individual learning styles, that can make a big difference. Job placement assistance is an important factor for those who are looking at starting a full-time career. Make sure that is available if employment is the ultimate goal of participating in the program.

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