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Beautify Any Smile Using Dentures in Kona

It isn’t surprising that most people believe wearing Dentures in Kona is something that old folks do. However, the use of dental prosthetics such as dentures can be required at almost any age. One reason for this is that dentures are designed to replace large amounts of missing teeth. A severe loss of teeth can occur as the teeth deteriorate, but it can also happen as a side effect of certain diseases and some unusual treatments. Loss of teeth can also result from severe trauma to the head or jaw and may be the final step in certain cases of facial reconstruction.

Dentures can be either upper or lower plates or even both. For instance, if a patient has problems with the use of bridges or more damage occurs to the remaining teeth, then the use of Dentures in Kona may be a better treatment for them. The upper dentures are a solid plate designed to fit snug against the top of the mouth. Proper fit will prevent the plate from moving when the patient talks. Lower dentures are shaped rather like a horseshoe. This plate is designed to fit over the gum with very little slack. As the patient gets used to the denture, they tend to develop tiny muscles that hold the prosthesis in place and help in avoiding the use of glues or other items to secure dental appliances.

Dentures in Kona will feel awkward at first, but most people adapt to them fairly quickly. Unfortunately, there are cases where the patient becomes annoyed with the dentures shifting around. To eliminate this problem, the dentist may suggest the use of implants. An implant is basically an artificial root. Its primary function is to anchor a crown and replace one or two missing teeth. The use of anchors for securing dentures can prevent unwanted movement and may make it possible to eat foods that were difficult to handle before. Another consideration with dentures are weakened jaws. Over time, the jaws can degenerate and a loss of bone material will occur. To ensure that the dentures have enough support, the dentist may suggest the use of bone grafts. To learn more about dentures, consult the experts at Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S.

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