Available Types of Industrial Air Compressors in Cleveland, OH

When choosing an industrial air compressor in Cleveland, you will have a large number of choices. The available range of choices available is growing at a continual rate, and this guide is designed to help you navigate through the possibilities and pick the air compressor that is right for your company’s needs.

Industrial Air Compressors Based on Function

If you are trying to choose an industrial air compressor in Cleveland based on the function that it performs, you have three basic options: reciprocating piston compressors, rotary vane compressors and rotary screw compressors. While all three of these types of industrial air compressors will compress air, the way that they achieve this function is greatly different. Reciprocating piston compressors use mechanical pistons, while rotary vane compressors use blades. Rotary screw compressors use screws to achieve air compression.

Size of the Air Compressor

The type of industry that you are working in will determine how large of an industrial air compressor you can accommodate. Some air compressors are very large, due to the fact that they use belts as their primary drive mechanism. But other air compressors use shafts in place of belts to achieve a smaller compressor. If you are looking for large amounts of power, the smaller compressors will not be able to handle your company’s air compression needs. The needs of your company will determine whether you need to have a large air compressor or can use a smaller one.

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