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Ask These Questions Before Signing a Lease on a Madison Apartment

It is important for you to view renting an apartment like a renting a car. If you notice a huge dent in a rental vehicle, you would tell the rental company about the dent. If it was not noted in the lease, you could be responsible for repairing the dent. Before signing a lease on an apartment, thoroughly inspect the apartment and make sure that everything functions. If you notice pre-existing damage, talk to the landlord about it. Be sure to make a written note of any deficiencies you notice to avoid being charged later.

If you have any doubts about what is included in the lease, ask questions before signing it. For example, you may see pet-friendly apartments in Madison, WI advertised in this way. However, after signing a lease, you may realize that only certain dog breeds are allowed. Some pet-friendly apartments in Madison, WI will allow cats and dogs that are under a certain weight or are of a certain breed. Ask questions ahead of time to avoid getting trapped in a lease that does not allow your furry friend.

It is also important to ask questions about parking. Some complexes only allow a certain number of vehicles to be parked in their lots. Also, ask what is needed to terminate a lease early. You may have to pay a fee or give a few months’ notice.

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