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Are You Considering Adding a Garage? Here Are Some Reasons to Do It

It seems like all houses come standard with a garage, but this is actually not always the case. Some older homes were built without a garage. After all, most people didn’t even own cars until less than 100 years ago.

If you live in a house without a garage, it’s likely that you have considered having one built. The cost of hiring a garage builder in Hobart to design and build either an attached or a detached garage to your house may be a deterrent, but it can still be a good idea. The following are some reasons to consider adding a garage to your home.

This is clearly the most important reason to add a garage onto your home. Much like remodeling the kitchen or bathroom of your home, adding a garage increases its value on the real estate market. This is a great idea if you are planning on selling your property, especially if many of the other houses in your neighborhood don’t have garages. Sometimes garages increase the value even more because of the added curb appeal.

Car Insurance
The way you store your vehicle each night can have an effect on your monthly insurance premiums. Cars in garages are less likely to sustain damage from the elements, vandalism, or theft. Lower risk leads to lower premiums.

One of the valuable commodities in any home is space. Garages are a great area for storage in any home. Some are even built with attics attached to add even more storage space.

Getting in and out of your car isn’t the most fun prospect when it’s raining or snowing. With an attached garage, this issue is completely erased. You can even choose to have a heated garage built when designing it with your garage builder in Hobart.

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