Are Vinyl Windows The Better Option?

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

When it comes to replacement windows a homeowner is spoiled for choice. When you first make the decision to replace the windows in your home you have to decide whether you will go with wood, aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl. Chances are you have already conducted your own research, checking reviews on the internet, talking to friends and neighbors that have recently went through the process and perhaps even talking to vinyl window installers in San Antonio. Chances are also good that you have received a lot of different opinions.

It is not really a tough decision:

The decision that you have to make should not really be tough; once you compare vinyl replacement windows with any other products you will quickly see that, hands down, vinyl is the better choice. Vinyl is a far sight better than aluminum, a material that transmits heat and cold rather than keeps it in or out and vinyl actually outperforms wood as well.

Wood and vinyl windows may perform somewhat the same when you are looking at energy efficiency but when it comes to how easy it is for vinyl window installers in San Antonio to do their job as well as the high maintenance of wooden windows, vinyl is the best choice. Since vinyl came on the market over 25 years ago there have been major changes, all for the better; today, vinyl windows are no longer just available in white; you can order them textured or colored to match your home’s exterior.

Vinyl windows are a great choice because:

   * They are low maintenance
   * They are great insulators
   * They can be purchased to look like wood but no need to sand and paint
   * They are strong and durable, and
   * They will not rot, corrode or warp and are resistant to pollutants and termites

Vinyl windows are easier on the budget, they cost less to buy and they are easier and quicker to install; there really is no comparison, vinyl wins hands down.

If you are looking for vinyl window installers in San Antonio you are invited to contact Shaw Company Remodeling. Shaw Company is the only company in the area to offer Enviro View windows, energy efficient and warranted for a lifetime.

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