An Insurance Fraud Investigation Company In Washington, DC Can Help To Stop Theft

Theft occurs frequently and is difficult to find unless there is a proper Insurance Fraud Investigation in Washington DC, performed. Conducting an investigation involves determining what legal claims were versus which were fraudulent. Billions of dollars are stolen each year by insurance claims that are false claims. This dramatically increases insurance premiums for everyone due to the losses the insurance companies suffer. In order to verify the insurance fraud and prosecute the individual or company, an experienced fraud investigator should be hired.

Fraud investigations can include staged accidents, fraudulent medical claims by doctors or any other collusions or lies. The use of another individual’s social security and insurance number to obtain healthcare is considered fraud. If a doctor is billing an insurance company for medical care that a patient never received, this is also fraud. An Insurance Fraud Investigation in Washington DC can include fraud that is related to internal and external involvement.

Fraudulent insurance claims can include life insurance policies that are paid for people that are still alive. Workers compensation claims are a frequented area of fraud. A worker will claim they are injured and work with a doctor’s office to continue to bill for and falsify medical records in order to continue receiving money. The worker believes they win because they receive their money, and the doctor’s office feels they win because they are receiving money for services not rendered.

If the concern is medical bill payments for unnecessary services or non-existent patients, An Insurance Fraud investigation in Washington DC, will thoroughly review all of the billing records and verify whether or not the doctor and patient are committing fraud. An example of committing fraud with home insurance would be setting fires or damaging property an individual owns. The claimant receives money for the damages and claims their home was vandalized by a stranger.

There’s no need to continue to raise insurance premiums when insurance fraud can be thoroughly investigated by Jeffrey D. Barsky CPA. His more than 20 years of experience will quickly find the discrepancies in the information. If you have been charged with insurance fraud, he can also investigate the case for you.

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