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Advantages to Using a Retail Financial Service to Buy Foreign Currency

Be Prepared

Preparation is key to enjoyable travel, especially foreign travel. While many countries in Europe accept Euros as general currency, having some local currency is never a bad idea and outside of Europe, native money is a must. Especially when traveling alone, local currency can be a lifesaver if you find yourself shopping in small stores or using local transport. Good retailers for currency exchange in Carol Stream can help you secure the best exchange rate and can order your needed currency within a reasonable time.

Dollars in Foreign Markets

While the U.S. dollar is known worldwide, using U.S. dollars in local foreign markets usually means you are paying more for goods sold. While you are thrilled to see the little sign that says, “we accept US dollars,” what the sign doesn’t say is even more important. Retail stores give weak exchange rates meaning when you pay in dollars you are also paying up to 20% more for the items you are buying. Yikes! Avoid this situation by visiting the currency exchange in Carol Stream.

Best for Emergencies

Small emergencies present themselves on every trip. The only ATM in the small, picturesque town you are visiting is down for repairs. Your ATM card is just not reading on the store’s POS machine. Ugh! These are the exact scenarios when having local currency can save the day and make sure that Aunt Sally receives her special souvenir. Small mixed reserves of local and U.S. currency are a smart choice whenever you travel abroad. Did you know that banks commonly go on strike in Europe and other destinations? In those circumstances, cash is cash is cash!

All Currencies are Decimalized

Like U.S. money, all local currency around the world is decimalized. Just like there are 100 cents to the dollar, there are 100 pence to a pound (United Kingdom), 100 aurar to an Icelandic krona and so on. Don’t worry about deciphering local money. If you know the base currency (dollar) and fractional unit (penny), you should have no problem navigating the money system of any country.

Buying Currency Before You Travel

You have planned your bucket-list trip. You have a voltage converter so that your hairdryer will work, and your phone will charge without blowing up. You have a small stash of emergency supplies so that you won’t have to search for a 24-hour drugstore in the middle of beautiful nowhere. Before you go it is also wise to consider buying a little currency native to your foreign destination. When looking to buy foreign currency stop by West Suburban Currency Exchanges, Inc. in Carol Stream, IL, for reasonable rates and great customer service or visit the website

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