Advantages of Using a Zirconia Crown to Reshape or Strengthen a Tooth

Whether a tooth has weakened naturally or suffered from decay, it is important to provide the dental treatment required to protect the affected tooth. If the tooth is left untreated, it can result in the tooth suffering further decay or breaking off. In addition, the teeth adjunct to the affected tooth can be damaged if the problem is neglected for too long. Crowns are often used to prevent further damage to the tooth and even used to help reshape a misshapen tooth. While there are various materials used to create a crown, a zirconia crown in Fresno provides the substructure required to maximize the strength of the tooth.

Biocompatible and Durable Material

A zirconia crown in Fresno area is created from a material that is virtually resistant to plaque to prevent build-up that can destroy a tooth. The material is methodically layered on the tooth as it is contoured to reshape the tooth and provide a natural look. This eliminates the need for metal alloy crowns that are very noticeable in a person’s mouth. You can provide them with a durable crown that will go unnoticed and protect the tooth from suffering further damage or decay.

Benefit from a Knowledgeable and Experienced Lab

Backer Dental Laboratory is focused on providing exceptional service and products to each of their clients. They stay on top of the latest technology and treatments used in the dental industry to create durable products designed to protect your patients’ teeth. Their technicians practice precision on each product they produce to ensure you have access to quality products within a reasonable amount of time. With their services, you can reduce how much time a patient spends in your chair without sacrificing the quality of dental services that you deliver.

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