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Adjusting Child Support: Some Negotiation Tips for Both Parents

Often, after child support orders are entered, adjustments become necessary. Adjustments are made because of changes in a child’s needs, a parent’s income, or in scheduling. Although it’s usually better to negotiate than to go to court, a family law attorney in Spokane can help you in either case.

Gathering Paperwork
To litigate or negotiate a support adjustment, you’ll need to get your paperwork in order. Typically, if you’re asking for an adjustment, the court will ask for copies of your pay stubs and bank statements for the past several months. It’s also a good idea to have a copy of the current child support order so the judge can review how things have changed.

Reviewing the State’s Requirements
Before negotiations begin, you’ll want to learn what the courts may do if an agreement can’t be reached. It’s crucial to review Washington’s laws as well as local statutes that may affect the case. These laws will tell you which records and information you’ll need, as well as the papers you’ll need to fill out when reaching an agreement. It’s a good idea to schedule a meeting with a family law attorney in Spokane; you’ll be able to review your legal options and form a plan.

Exchanging Information
You’ll need your own financial information as well as that of the other parent to negotiate an adjustment. Once you’ve both assembled the necessary documents, make arrangements to exchange them with the child’s other parent.

In Closing
Child support negotiations are most effective when parents prepare with the right documentation, knowledge of state law, and the forms required to finalize the adjustment. Parents should discuss their cases with local family lawyers to determine their weaknesses and strengths. With help from a lawyer, it’s possible to make child support agreements that are fair to everyone involved.

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