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About the Industrial Hose and Industries That Use Them

Industrial hoses are used for many different applications. They are designed for various purposes and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These hoses are also made from different materials. Some applications will require a specific size or type that will need to made to custom specifications. Others may require a common size that is readily available. The Industrial Hose is a vital component in many different industries. They are used in any industry where hydraulic equipment or machinery is present. The ones used for heavy duty jobs may require steel reinforcement. Here are some common applications and industries that use these hoses.

     *      Aviation

     *      Food

     *      Gasoline/Petroleum

     *      Chemicals

     *      Marine

     *      Materials Handling

     *      Automotive

     *      Asphalt Transfer

     *      Suction

     *      Discharge

     *      Sand Blasting

Those are just a few of the industries where these hoses are used on a routine basis. The actual way in which an industrial hose is used will vary. Because there are so many different uses and sizes, the hoses will also require couplings or fittings. These accessory items will need to be available in a variety of sizes. These types of hoses are meant to withstand hard use. Many of them are constructed out of PVC materials. The fittings are made from a variety of materials.

Fittings may be made from brass, zinc plated steel, zinc plated iron, aluminum, steel or stainless steel. The couplings and fittings must be made so they fit snugly on the hose. These fittings must also be designed for reasons they are intended to be used for. An example would be the nozzle that goes on the end of a hose for sandblasting. This nozzle should be able to smoothly deliver sand.

Some hoses may also require banding or clamps. These are often made from heavy gauge galvanized steel. They must be able to withstand when used outdoors or in an industrial setting. The galvanized steel is tough and can withstand exposure to the elements. These types of bands an clamps will often have stainless steel buckles. This keeps them from eroding.

Custom type and size hoses may sometimes require special handling. There are manufacturers who can provide these special order items for you. Those hard to find or rare parts can also be custom made by some of the manufacturing facilities. They can also provide fittings, couplings or other materials that are needed. More information on industrial hoses, types and uses can be obtained from Ameriflex Hose and Accessories.



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