A Range of Options are Available for Alcohol Treatment Programs in Tacoma WA

Alcoholism is a tragically misunderstood disease. Unlike externally recognizable physical ailments, those who suffer from it find little sympathy from others. People harbor a number of misconceptions about alcohol abuse and alcoholism, believing those who suffer from it are ignorant, selfish, or just plain crazy. However, science proves these claims to be untrue.

Addiction is a diagnosable brain disease that carries with it a heavy burden. For inhabitants of Pierce County struggling with a drinking addiction, that burden can be lightened through seeking professional help through one of the many Alcohol Treatment Programs in Tacoma WA.

Each individual must choose the treatment option that is best suited to their needs. This may be a simple intervention, or it may be extensive live-in treatment, and will depend on the extent of addiction, home environment, and need for medical care.

Residential Treatment, ordinarily completed in one to three months, involves intensive daily treatment at a live-in facility. Partial Hospitalization involves four to six hour outpatient visits to the hospital, usually three to five times a week, and is appropriate for those who need to be medically monitored but have the support they need at home to complete a program without in-house treatment. Intensive Outpatient Programs also require time committed weekly to recovery, and make sense for those who do not require medical intervention. They typically require visits of two to four hours a day at least three days a week, which can be fit in around the patient’s schedule.

Counseling can be a useful option not only for individuals, but also for families and friends also dealing with the consequences of the patient’s addiction. It often follows more intensive treatment and focuses on learning coping skills to help prevent relapse and rebuilding relationships with those hurt by the disease. Many recovering alcoholics also find it useful to seek out a Sober Living situation following intensive treatment. Sober Living provides a supportive environment that discourages relapse and provides a drug and alcohol free living environment.

In cases where an individual is worried about a developing problem, an intervention may be a helpful tool. Although not appropriate for those who are already struggling with full-blown alcoholism, meeting with health professionals who can help an individual to better understand the potentially harmful effects of alcohol can prevent a more serious addiction from forming.

Recovery is possible for anyone with the help of Alcohol Treatment Programs in Tacoma WA.

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