A few things to know about roof repair

Repairing the roof on the house is a task that very few homeowners want to take on themselves. Like any DIY project, money can certainly be saved, but even the most aggressive “do it yourself” will want to establish the extent of the problem before making any decisions.

If roof repair becomes necessary on a reasonably new house, it will usually be either because the roof was poorly designed in the first place or damaged by wind. Don’t think that a wind of hurricane force is needed to damage a roof; gusts of only 40 or 50 miles per hour in the right direction can easily peel back a few shingles, exposing the under structure. Replacing a few lifted shingles may be one thing that a homeowner who feels reasonably comfortable at heights can do, but even this reasonably simple task is often left to those who take on roof repairs in Orange Park FL.

If the roof leaks and the problem stems from the original roof design, then the homeowner is definitely well out of his depth. It might be possible to fix the leak but if the design problem is not taken care of then the roof will leak time after time. A couple of common design problems are when the roof is constructed with insufficient slope, there are no expansion joints built in or the roof structure is poorly constructed, allowing the roof to sag. These are roof repairs in Orange park FL that can only be tackled by experts.

Older roofs simply age, the leaks and other issues with them are the natural result of normal wear and tear being exposed constantly to the weather. A roof, because it is exposed to the weather will always need some routine maintenance as the years tick by but even with the best of maintenance, eventually the only solution is completely replace it. The need for roof repairs in Orange Park FL is something that can happen at any time but having to completely replace the roof is something that usually becomes an issue once the house is 25 or 30 years old. The life expectancy of a roof is definitely influenced by the weather; areas that experience excessive hail for example, will suffer more damage than roofs which are not located in such areas. The same is true for homes located in ocean states such as Florida, the roof will deteriorate faster than a home located in a mid West state.

Roof repairs in Orange Park FL can become necessary at the worst times, just remember to keep buckets and drop sheets handy until the weather improves and the repair can be undertaken.

All roof repairs in Orange Park FL are really tasks for professionals as they have the right safety equipment, tools and know-how. If your roof is in need of repair, you are invited to call Keith Stern Roofing. Click here to learn more about roof repair services.

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