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A Few of the Ways an Austin Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

It is common to feel scared and uncertain of your future after being charged with a crime. Here are a couple of ways an Austin criminal defense attorney can help you, which will make you feel more confident moving forward.

An Austin criminal defense attorney will investigate the charges against you. They will look for gaps in proof, inconsistencies, holes in evidence, and discrepancies that may lead to a judge or jury having reasonable doubt. They will look for these inconsistencies as they review physical evidence and official reports.

A criminal defense attorney will also scrutinize the conduct of the officers who gathered evidence against you or arrested you. If the attorney can prove that your constitutional rights were violated, the entire case may be dropped. Or it may be possible to have certain evidence suppressed.

It is impossible for most people who do not have extensive training in the legal field to know all of their rights or to know when those rights are being violated. When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you are placing a skilled individual in between you and the government. They are familiar with these complicated laws. They have experience defending other individuals who have been in circumstances that are similar to your circumstances. They can stand up to overzealous prosecutors and make sure your best interests are looked after.

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