4 Trendy Tops That Must Be In Every Woman’s Wardrobe

The only thing constant in today’s fashion world is the fact that fashion changes rapidly and trends appear and disappear at alarming rates and women’s fashion is probably one of the fastest changing style elements out there in the market. This point is especially true for women’s tops which have enough variations now that one could wear a different one every week of the year and still not be able to try out all of them.

Here are some of the more popular everyday-wear tops and their combinations women should be familiar with.

Lace Top

Lace tops are mostly made from materials like cotton and sheer. They usually have two layers, an inner layer that is of neutral colours and an outer layer that is white or off-white.

They are loose fitting, thus look great on bulky or plus size women. They work well with everything from skirts to jeans.

Frock Top

Frock tops provide a traditional look with a western infusion. They’re made of a cotton-polyester blend and come in various types. They also have pleats at the bottom of the shirt and may or may not have sleeves.

One of the very popular women tops online, they are preferred during summer months for a relaxing and airy outfit.

Cami Top

Cami tops have square or round necks with strap shoulders and are a perfect blend of simplicity and comfort. Usually made of silk, they support any ensemble they are put together with.

They can be paired with shorts, tights, skinny jeans or palazzos and flat sandals and bellies as footwear for a most fashionable laid-back look.

Off-shoulder Tops

Off-shoulder tops are tops that start from just above the bust and go till the waistline. They can be barely off the shoulder or completely down till the armpits.

They come in various designs, including frills and pleats, and fit well for all body types, making them an excellent choice while buying women tops online.

Choosing any of these tops appropriately will guarantee women a spot on the ever-moving fashion train.

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