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3 Things to Know about an Arts Journalist Degree

Today, the disruption in industries and fields by technology continues. Since new platforms have been created and it is easier to share content on a small budget, the degrees and curriculum a higher education institution offers have evolved with the changing times. You can now become an Art Journalist, for example, after completing the outlined courses and material.

Here are three things to know about studying to become a journalist for the arts.

Focus on Culture

Technology has not only changed the way companies operate. Technology has also had an impact on culture. While some in the arts field aims to combine art with technology, others remain within the parameters set out by traditional art for centuries. As a future journalist within this niche, you will study culture including the culture of today, the possible culture of tomorrow as well as the culture of the past. Depending on the school you pick, you may have the opportunity to collaborate with artists, historians, and art critics as well as journalists and theorists to round out your education.

Focus on Writing

To become a successful journalist, you must be able to write, so your education will be focused on writing, too. Journalists used to learn that every article has to answer the five Ws of who, what, when, where and why. Some professionals have lost the basics, but you, as a new person to the field, can learn how to put together each article for maximum readership and maximum informational purposes.


The field of journalism has not been immune to the disruptions caused by technology. You will, therefore, learn about multimedia and how it can be used for journalistic purposes.

Finding a meaningful career path is important. To become an Art Journalist, contact School of the Art Institute of Chicago, today.

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