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3 Reasons Families Choose Cremation Services in Roeland Park, KS

In 1950 a mere four percent of the U.S. population chose cremation, and most people considered it fairly exotic. Today, more than half of families request cremation, and industry reports estimate the number will rise to 70% within the next decade. In areas like Roeland Park, KS some residents simply choose cremation because they consider it a simple, dignified choice. However, Cremation Services in Roeland Park, KS. Wa are also on the rise because more residents are non-religious. In addition, cremation makes funeral planning easier, especially when families and friends live all over the world.

More People Are Non-Religious

At one time, requests for Cremation Services in Roeland Park, KS were rare because most communities centered around churches. Funerals were pretty traditional and the services very much alike. They involved embalming the body, visitation, church services, and burial in an approved cemetery. Today, research like Pew Research Center’s Study show that about 23% of Americans are unaffiliated with a religion. That makes them a larger group than Catholics. These non-religious citizens have begun their own tradition, and it involves choosing cremation instead of a religious ceremony or burial.

Cremation Simplifies Funeral Planning

Many families opt for cremation so they have greater creative control over services. Once a body is cremated, the ashes are returned to a family member who can then arrange a memorial in any way or place they choose. Most customize services to reflect the lives and interests of the deceased. Memorials often include celebrations of life in locations that appeal to the deceased or their family. Some scatter the ashes from a boat or on the beach. Families bury cremains on private property or take advantage of formal niches. Many keep them in urns in their homes.

Family Members Live Farther Apart

Most people live farther from family members and friends than they used to, and many would miss traditional funerals. Bodies can only be held for so long before being buried. However, cremation usually takes place within a few days of death, and family members have all the time they need to contact everyone and make funeral plans.

Cremation has become more popular as the number of non-religious people has grown. It also offers more choices for memorialization and simplifies funeral planning when family and friends live far from one another. Visit the website for more details.

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