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3 Foreclosure Facts

When a foreclosure occurs, there are winners and losers. Losers are the former home owners who can no longer afford their payments, so they are being told by the bank that backed the mortgage to evacuate the premise. Winners are those who make a living profiting from distressed properties. Both sides benefit from the services of a Foreclosure Attorney Valdosta, for a number of reasons.

Here are three foreclosure facts to consider.

The Process

If a homeowner is no longer making the mortgage payments in time and full, the institution, usually a bank, backing the mortgage has the right to take back the property. Thereafter, the bank can sell the home at an auction. Sometimes, the bank holds onto the property until the dust settles since they may be able to bundle it with other properties for a more attractive profit and less paperwork.

After a Foreclosure

The person whose name was on the mortgage that goes into foreclosure gets hit with a number of negative consequences. Most notably, that person becomes a credit risk, and it is reflected in their re-calculated credit score. Additionally, they may have to go through a judicial foreclosure process. No one has to go through the legalities of foreclosure alone, though. A Foreclosure Attorney Valdosta specializes in this area, and can offer guidance and help.

Purchasing a Foreclosure

For some, the only way they can afford to purchase a home is to purchase one that is on the market due to foreclosure. Others have figured out how to flip these homes for a profit. Whatever the reasons, taking a home off the foreclosure list is beneficial for neighborhoods and buyers.

Whether you are a buyer of foreclosure properties or victim of foreclosure, Foreclosure Attorney Valdosta Charles Farrell Jr LLC is at your service, today.

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