3 Creative Ways to Step Up Your Christmas Tree Decorations This Year

Sparkling lights, tinsel, and red tree skirts are the norm when it comes to Christmas tree decorating. Unfortunately, the norm can also be a little boring, especially when every house in the neighborhood is sporting the same red-and-green motif. This year, why not up the ante by trying something new? Here are three creative decorating ideas to make your Christmas tree extra festive.

Creative Ways to Step Up Your Christmas Tree Decorations

1. Give Your Tree a Theme

Whether you intend to chop it down yourself or buy a Christmas tree online, the tree itself doesn’t matter. It’s all about the ornaments! To give your tree the “wow” factor, consider decorating with a theme in mind. Try decorating with only one or two complimentary colors. A tree bearing only white and red baubles, or one that’s decorated only in copper ornaments, can be an attractive and unexpected addition to your decor. Wooden ornaments, burlap, and plaid can be a used for a rustic-themed tree. Or try using characters from your favorite Christmas movie or book.

2. Do-It-Yourself Garlands

With the DIY approach, you have more control over the look of your tree. It’s also a good way to guarantee that your tree is truly unique. A garland made of construction paper rings or threaded popcorn is easy to make, inexpensive, and adds a nostalgic touch. Some other ideas include using twine, ribbon, pine cones, cupcake wrappers, and paper snowflakes.

3. Upgrade the Tree Skirt

Once you buy a Christmas tree online, the next step should be to ensure you have a tree skirt. Instead of a traditional fabric skirt, opt for a fresher look with an updated alternative. Metal tubs, wooden crates, stacks of pine cones, or a wicker basket are some options for an effect that’s a little more modern and streamlined. For more information, please visit The Christmas Palace.

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