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3 Benefits Provided by a Waterproofing Company in Fairfax, VA

Basements are common in Fairfax, Virginia homes and many owners convert the spaces into living areas. Since most basements are not naturally fresh, clean, and dry, residents rely on a waterproofing company in Fairfax VA to get spaces ready for finishing. Waterproofing experts can locate and correct problems that cause damp basements and resolve mold issues. They also repair damaged foundations.

Specialists Waterproof Home Basements

While most homeowners hire a waterproofing company in Fairfax VA to get basements ready for remodeling, some merely want to eliminate dampness. Basements become damp because water leaks in and creates moist, musty-smelling air. Doors and windows may also become hard to close. The problem can cause cracks to develop in exterior finishes and foundations. Contractors note these and any other signs of leaking basements and identify causes like ground settlement, or the buildup of hydrostatic pressure around homes. Technicians develop custom solutions that include resolving the causes of leaks and possibly installing pumps.

Expert Mold Removal Safeguards Homes

Homeowners who suspect they have mold problems often check out and schedule inspections. Waterproofing contractors are mold remediation experts who can identify the problem as well as its causes. Mold typically forms because excess water is present in buildings. The fungus just needs a food source, warmth, and moisture to thrive in walls, under flooring, and behind drywall. It is very common in damp basements and can cause poor home air quality. Waterproofing specialists safely contain mold growths to prevent their spread and then remove them. They also correct issues that cause the fungus to grow.

Technicians Can Repair Damaged Foundations

Customers also rely on waterproofing specialists to help correct cracked foundations. The same issues that create basement dampness and mold problems can damage foundations. Professionals who find signs like a cracked foundation, tiles, or exteriors locate the causes and correct them. Damages might be due to imperfect soil conditions, tree roots, or incorrect drainage. Technicians correct the problems and then repair foundations.

Homeowners depend on waterproofing contractors to find and correct problems that cause damp, moldy basements. Contractors can fix issues and turn basements into clean, dry areas that are ready for finishing. Waterproofing experts also identify the causes of foundation problems, correct them, and then mend foundations.

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