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The Advantages Of A York AC Compressor

Selecting a specific type of industrial sized air conditioner system is an important task for any new commercial or industrial type of application, but it is also essential in replacing parts on an existing system. Choosing based on reputation, efficiency and longevity of the parts is essential, which is why many contractors turn to a York AC compressor for their systems.

York has long been a major industry leader in the world of air conditioners for large scale buildings and industrial applications. York air conditioning systems can be found on school campuses, in food processing industries, retail outlets, government buildings and facilities and manufacturing plants. The entire system, including the York AC compressor, is built to provide a consistent flow of air to maintain temperatures consistently even with round the clock use.

This is critical for many industrial and processing applications where temperature control is central to the processes used for production. It is also essential in a larger structure where not only temperature control but energy efficiency is a factor to be considered.


Not surprisingly, the company manufacturers several different types of York AC compressor models. This includes the air-cooled scroll compressor, air-cooled screw compressors and the centrifugal compressor.

Different sizes of York AC compressor models are ideal to match with the specific requirements of the facility as well as the AC needs. These compressors are also used with the York heat pump and AC combination systems.


There are several different advantages to using the York systems. They include a soft start feature which also adds to energy efficiency for the compressors and units. They are designed to be roof mounted or used on the ground, and they are fully self-contained, providing optimal operating conditions for the compressor.

The new styles and designs of York AC compressor models are very low noise and low vibration, making them a quiet compressor for any type of application. With their continual flow of air through the system, they provide options for both standard and high efficiency. To determine the efficiency rating, look for SE behind the model designation for standard efficiency and HE for high efficiency.

A remanufactured York AC compressor with a warranty that is equality to the OEM warranty is a great investment in the building’s heating and cooling system. Verify there is a written warranty provided and that the remanufactured compressor has been fully tested and checked thoroughly before buying.

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