Three Services Provided by Professional Arborists in Ellicott City MD

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Landscaping

One of the most popular elements of the landscaping of a property is trees. They are a popular choice because they provide beauty and tranquility to a property. When a property owner has trees as a part of their landscaping, it is important that those trees are taken care of by a professional arborist. Three services provided by professional arborists in Ellicott City MD are tree pruning, tree removal, and emergency tree care.

Tree Pruning

One service provided by professional arborists is tree pruning. This service is necessary to maintain the appearance, health, and safety of the trees located on a property. A professional arborist will use pruning techniques to remove diseased or damaged limbs, limbs that interfere with utilities, and limbs that obstruct streets or sidewalks. By removing such limbs, risks to persons and property are eliminated and light penetration is increased.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is another service provided by professional arborists. Sometimes just removing limbs from a tree does not adequately decrease the risks associated with the tree. For example, a tree that is too diseased or damaged or one that is creating too much of an obstruction cannot be pruned enough to solve the problem. In these cases, the tree is often removed from the area as a last resort. A professional arborist is qualified to make that decision and remove the tree safely if necessary.

Emergency Tree Care

The third service provided by professional arborists is emergency tree care. Sometimes tree limbs fall from trees during bad weather, such as severe storms or heavy snow and ice. Limbs that are diseased may also fall. This considered an emergency because the limbs can pose a direct threat to cars, buildings, and people. They are often too heavy for a person to lift on their own, and it could even cause more damage to do so. A professional arborist can safely remove the limbs without causing further damage.

Ballard Enterprises can provide professional Arborists in Ellicott City MD. When tree pruning, tree removal, and emergency tree care are desired, Ballard Enterprises can help. A variety of tree care services are offered, including pruning, removal, and care, as well as landscaping and lawn care services. The tree and shrub care specialists of Ballard Enterprises take pride in offering the highest standard of tree care for their customers. Contact us today for more information.

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