Some Tips on Providing a More Effective Employee Training Experience

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Education and Training

Employee training and development is at the heart of everything a business does. A business fundamentally is its people, and the more effectively your group can collaborate as a team, the better it will manage resources and serve your clients.


The first step in crafting a more rigorous employee training and development program is to carefully define your goals. Before you set out, determine precisely what business needs are to be achieved by the program, and carefully select some metrics to benchmark your success. Many organizations have found worker productivity, in the sense of value per man-hour of labor, a useful such metric.


Nothing in the contemporary business world can be accomplished without computers! You will need a collaborative tool that enables users to capture and learn from information, making implicit knowledge explicit without overwhelming users with verbiage. Most importantly, the software should be user-friendly — clear, simple, well-organized and appropriately labeled, without too many bells and whistles.

Doing beats seeing

One important point that often gets overlooked when training programs are being designed is that an ounce of doing typically beats a ton of showing. Many training programs make the mistake of teaching practical skills as if they were academic knowledge, burying users under a mass of manuals, articles, lectures and tutorials.

A typical business training program will contain some mix of academic knowledge — that is, knowledge of facts and explanations — and practical skills. But practical skills, knowledge of how to perform some set of tasks, are usually more important. They can only be learned by supervised practice, learning by doing while receiving advice from a more experienced person. It’s how you learn to ride a bike or play a musical instrument!

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