Everything You Need To Know About Driveaway Services

by | Mar 13, 2013 | Business

Not many people know that there are services out there which will transport your car for you hundreds of miles to wherever you may need it. These so-called driveaway services offer you peace of mind that your car is in the hands of capable professionals and you don’t need to worry about it.

Imagine you’re going on a vacation, but when you get there, you’re in a strange city and don’t understand the public transport system. Taxis would be too expensive and walking would just take too long. However, if you had your car there with you, all of that stress would disappear. That, in a nutshell is what they do. If you’ve ever wondered how they work, this article will tell you.

How much money is involved?

Typically you’ll be asked to pay a flat rate, say for transporting your car between New Jersey and Delaware, it could be $350. Then you’ll also have to pay for all the gas the car will consume and finally you’ll have to pay for insurance. The company can provide cover for up to $2 million so there’s a charge you’ll have to pay for that that depends on the size and type of your vehicle.

You don’t always have to have your car driven. You could instead opt to have it delivered in a truck. That will be more expensive, sometimes more than double what you’d pay otherwise. This could also affect the time, because a journey that takes four days driven can take eight days in a truck. Still, your car would be safer.

Handing your car over

When you take your car to the office of the quality driveaway company, make sure you take out all your valuable items. Also make a note of the car’s condition and whether there are any faults or damage. The company will also record this. When you receive your car at the other end, compare how it is now to how it was before to make sure it was delivered with the upmost care. A quality driveaway company can almost guarantee this.


Driveaway services are one of the quickest ways to transport your vehicle, much quicker than a road haulage or shipping company. The driveaway company normally gives the job to a person who either drives for money or drivers who use it as a way to get to a certain destination. Basically it’s someone trusted who has a strong reason to get to a destination and who will willingly take your car and get there as quick as you would. A haulage or shipping company has no such incentive. They’ll want to save money so will end up picking it up and dropping it off at various random points along the journey.

Driveaways save you peace of mind. However, finding a quality driveaway service isn’t easy. ATC Driveaway have been in business for years and are the best guys around.

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