Why Your Choice in a Dedicated Family Doctor in Maplewood, MN, Matters

Every family will have different medical needs down through the years. It is important to choose a reliable medical doctor to ensure continuing good health and well-being. When children are part of the family unit, it becomes even more crucial for the parents to seek out a highly-trained family doctor in Maplewood, MN, who has ample pediatric care experience in addition to a traditional family medicine background.

Children Are More Prone to Allergies, Medication Side Effects & More

Since younger children are much smaller than their adult counterparts, it is essential for any medical care expert to take their smaller size into consideration when prescribing medications and medical treatments. A small mistake could be dire due to a child’s smaller body frame. Children are simply more prone to allergies, medication side effects and many communicable diseases common to their age groups.

Kids Should Feel Comfortable Speaking with Their Doctor

There will come times when a child will want to speak with their family doctor in private. This is often true of teens wanting to get medical advice about birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and normal physiological development questions.

Kids should feel comfortable speaking with their family doctor and/or nurse. Parents should keep these situations in mind when looking for a new family doctor from Maplewood, MN.

Inquire About Extended Hour Sick Appointments & Weekend Hours

Working parents often have difficulty getting their kids seen by the doctor when ill. Contact Pediatric and Young Adult Medicine online.

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