Why Does Your Child Need a Pediatric Dentist in The Woodlands, TX?

by | Aug 30, 2013 | Dentistry

Why is seeing a Dentist in The Woodlands, TX beneficial to children? Dentists like those at Adventure-Smiles see children all of the time that could have benefited from early care. Baby teeth are just as important to care for as the adult teeth are. This is because these teeth set the stage for the permanent teeth that lie below. Baby teeth can also become decayed and infected, and this is a source of much unnecessary pain and discomfort for children.

Early oral hygiene good practices are apt to lead to a lifetime of excellent dental health. This should be instilled in children as soon as possible. Seeing the dentist should be seen as a perfectly stress-free experience. Dentists who work with children often tend to understand their needs and fears. A relationship with a good dentist can help a child to grow up without dental fear.

A parent can help the process at home by encouraging good brushing habits. This should start with a parent brushing the teeth for a very small child to show how it is done. Eventually, the child should be given more responsibility for brushing, with supervision. The training should include the proper amount of toothpaste and the correct brushing actions and duration. It may be helpful to make brushing fun through the use of special flavored toothpaste and mouthwashes designed for children. Cool colored or character brushes also make this task seem fun.

Reading about dentists also helps to alleviate any concerns. Some children may develop a fear out of the blue due to what their peers at school say. Parents can counter this by speaking about how much they look forward to going to the dentist. A list of the benefits, such as a clean smile, will enforce positivity in children. Children like to emulate adults, so if they see them liking the process, they are likely to think nothing bad about it.

Children should first see a Pediatric dentist after the first tooth has erupted. As they age, the regular six months visit should be the normal schedule. Of course, any concerns about the development of a child’s teeth can be addressed by the dentist.

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