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What to Watch for When Viewing Homes for Rent in Greenville, SC

If you’re preparing to examine a rental home for the first time, you may want some assistance and direction to ensure that you select the correct one on all of its merits – while keeping an open mind regarding its drawbacks. What should a prospective tenant check for while inspecting a rental property? Here is a look at some of the things to watch for when checking out homes for rent in Greenville, SC.

Look Closely at the Exterior

The exterior’s condition will reveal a great deal about if the landlord cares about it and whether the inside will be well-maintained. Peeling paintwork, decaying sills, and shattered panes of glass all show that profits come first, and an untidy, unkempt landscape is a sure sign of stress. Examine the condition of shared facilities such as the entry hall, stairs, and landings, and determine who is accountable for their upkeep.

Double-Check the Fittings and Fixtures

One of the most important things to do when viewing homes for rent in Greenville, SC, is to double-check all fittings and fixtures. You want to check that lights work, windows close and open with ease, water flows from faucets, and the toilet flushes. Inquire about the operation of the heating and hot water systems, the location of the emergency shutoff valves for water and gas, and the instructions for any electrical appliances.

Count the number of sockets in each room and verify that GFIs have been fitted to automatically shut off electricity in the event of a problem. A property with frayed wires, exposed cables, blackened sockets, or several extension leads is not a good candidate. For more information, please visit us.

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