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Understanding Offshore Law in Crowley, LA for an Offshore Injury

Whenever a person is injured and the fault lies with some other person, business or entity, the potential is there for a personal injury lawsuit. This also applies when the accident occurs in an offshore situation, such as the explosion of an oil rig or a boating accident, but the laws are slightly different. An attorney experienced in offshore law in Crowley, LA understands the difficulties that occur in translating offshore law and helps clients in those situations. Here are some things to understand about offshore law when one is injured in Louisiana.

Understanding Offshore Law in Louisiana

Offshore law falls under the category of federal law that oversees maritime accidents and has been doing so for over 200 years. Those who do business by sea have an obligation to ensure their watercraft remains seaworthy and are subject to penalties if a person is injured because of problems with their watercraft. Maritime workers are also guaranteed the right to medical attention, financial support, room and board, and the loss of wages if injured at work, regardless of fault. An attorney may be needed if these rights are denied.

More About Offshore Law in Louisiana

Getting hurt while working on the water covers a broader law of personal injury than those who are injured on land, and the Jones Act explains the covered situations. Some seafaring workers are also covered by the Longshore Act, which works similar to workers’ compensation but for seafaring workers. Hiring just any attorney is not recommended for injuries that occur on water. Hiring an attorney experienced with offshore and maritime law is best. These maritime experts are able to ensure the injured maritime worker gets every advantage rightfully deemed.

Getting an Offshore Lawyer in Louisiana

To secure an offshore attorney, the injured party should start by doing research online for maritime lawyers. Chris Richard Attorney at Law is an example of an attorney with maritime qualifications who can help clients with offshore injuries. If a person is in need of an attorney who understands offshore law in Crowley, LA, they can contact this attorney through the website You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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