The Bathroom Hand Dryer: Good for Bodies and Essential for Businesses

Most likely, everyone knows about the importance of hand washing. For the purpose of hygiene and overall health, it is a common and necessary practice. However, chances are few know about the importance of hand drying. The fact of the matter is that both the process and means of hand drying are extremely important. Whether you’re constructing a building for business use or you’re the end-user serving the public, there are several reasons why a bathroom hand dryer is a sound business decision.

The Public’s Health Concerns

Hands spread infectious diseases. Additionally, wet skin is more likely to transmit bacteria than dry skin. Effectively drying one’s hands actually removes bacteria. If you think the general public is unaware of this, think again. Recently, one of the biggest restaurant chains in the country struggled with E. Coli outbreaks. People have become more concerned with how businesses handle public health. The result? Many companies are doing what they can to assure consumers that health is of the utmost importance. A bathroom hand dryer creates a clean space. The last thing people want to see is a trash bin, toilet or sink overflowing with used paper towels.

A Friend to the Environment

Bathroom hand dryers are environmentally friendly at many levels. What does this mean? Firstly, there are dryer manufacturers that will help those businesses at the construction level qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits. Furthermore, once a building is ready for day-to-day use, the occupying business will be utilizing a hand dryer that reduces the amount of waste being produced. Recycled or not, a paper towel is discarded and transported to a landfill. This may not sound significant, but think about how many paper towels just one school can go through in a day.

A Bathroom Hand Dryer Saves on Operational Costs

In addition to the environmental benefits, a hand dryer lowers operational costs. Obviously, there is a reduction in the amount of paper products that need to be purchased. Less obvious is the fact that labor costs are cut down as well. Dryers are durable, often lasting up to ten years with little to no maintenance required. Also, the time spent collecting, transporting and dispensing waste is less. Generally speaking, the cost of one paper towel is two cents while the cost of one use of a hand dryer is one-tenth of a cent.

Once you decide that a bathroom hand dryer is a necessity, do your research. Not all hand dryers are created equal. Go with a brand like – World Dryer that has a history of adhering to high standards. When it comes to the health of the people and the planet, making sure your bathroom hand dryer is a superior product is essential.

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