Reasons to Call an Air Conditioning Contractor in Ennis TX

by | Sep 24, 2015 | heating and air conditioning

Most home heating and cooling systems are designed to provide years of service. Along the way, the systems will need regular maintenance and maybe some type of major repair. While much of the maintenance and repair work will be routine, situations can arise that seem a little out of the ordinary. When those events take place, it pays to call an Air Conditioning Contractor in Ennis TX and get to the bottom of the problem at once. Here are some examples of when to call for this type of service and support.

Tepid Air From the Vents

The system is running, but things are not getting any cooler in the house. In fact, the temperature and the humidity level seem to be rising. Since the unit is not cooling at all, something needs to be done quickly. The best approach is to shut down the system and call an Air Conditioning Contractor Ennis TX. After a quick inspection, the contractor may find that the unit needs some specific kind of repair. At other times, the professional will deliver the bad news that making those repairs will cost more than the unit is worth. At that juncture, the focus can switch from repair to replacement.

Lots of Noise

Just about any heating and cooling system will make a few random sounds. When the frequency and variety of sounds begin to increase dramatically, that indicates there is some sort of major issue with the system. The only way to know for sure is to call an Air Conditioning Contractor Ennis TX and find out what is going on. The underlying cause may not be that difficult to repair. On the other hand, the reason for all those new noises may be that the unit is about to fail. If so, the contractor can help the client select a suitable replacement.

For help with any type of air conditioning and heating needs, call the team at Direct Service today. After giving the unit and the duct work a thorough inspection, it will be possible to determine if the system can be salvaged or if replacing it would be more cost effective.

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