Planning A Tub To Shower Conversion

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Interior decorating magazines and popular TV shows dedicated to renovation projects are wonderful to watch, they invariably show very large bathrooms with space galore. The truth is quite different, the majority of homes have bathrooms that are not much larger than 50 square feet. If you are dreaming of a tub to shower conversion in San Antonio it must fit well within the footprint of the tub you want to get rid of. What is the right way and the best way to get your dream shower?

Although the actual project will be undertaken by a professional renovation contractor there are certain things you can do in advance to streamline the conversion.

Exact measurements: Start with a clean sheet of paper and layout the exact dimensions of the bathroom. Most bathtubs are 60 inches which is an ideal width for the shower as well. The width can vary, you should aim for somewhere between 32 and 34 inches from the wall to the future shower door.

Don’t neglect the swing of the shower door: Plan on locating the shower door where it will not interfere with the vanity or toilet. When you undertake a tub to shower conversion the toilet can often be neglected, the result is that the space feels crowded. The minimum space from the toilet centerline to new glass shower enclosure should be 15 inches, although more is definitely better.

Get rid of the door: If the shower door proves to be a problem, consider eliminating the door altogether. If you do decide to forgo the door you might want to investigate installing under floor heating, not only does it feel good, it helps to dry the floor quickly.

Once you have a fix on the important physical parameters then you can decide what additional items would be nice to have. Perhaps you need to use a shower bench, have you considered where you will place your shampoo and conditioner? These are the little things that can result in a perfect conversion from your old tub to your dream shower.

If you are considering a tub to shower conversion in San Antonio you should leave the job to an experienced renovation contractor. You are invited to discuss your thinking with the experts at Shaw Company Remodeling.

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