How to Keep Your Heavy Duty Truck Running Cool

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Automotive

Buying a good used heavy duty truck in Texas is one of the best investments you can make. You save a lot of money over buying new, but it’s important to keep your vehicle’s cooling system in good condition. Your engine will run cooler, and you’ll get many years of service with this strategy. Here are some cooling system maintenance tips to help you get the most for your investment.

Keep it Clean

Remember, a used heavy duty truck is not new, and needs proper care. Summers in Texas are hot and humid, so check the radiator and make sure your coolant is clean and fresh. If the dealer didn’t change coolant, this is a good time to get a fresh start. In fact, the entire cooling system needs flushing, and you should change any parts with extensive corrosion. Don’t forget to replace the coolant filter also.

When refilling with fresh coolant, make sure to use coolant recommended by the manufacturer. Don’t settle for cheap or inexpensive brands. When you refill with water, only use distilled water, or you could have problems with corrosion. If you use additives, make sure to buy the right type for your vehicle.


Check all the cooling system hoses. Make sure they are soft and flexible. Look for cracks or signs of aging. It’s best to change any hoses now than to experience an overheating issue down the road.

Coolant Replacement

Replace the coolant at the recommended intervals. Don’t wait too long, or you risk running into problems.

Choose the Right Dealer

For best results, choose a new and used heavy duty truck dealer in Texas offering parts and service. They can take care of your truck and its cooling system. A good dealer has ASE certified mechanics, and they offer many services including DOT inspections. Also, their parts and services come with excellent guarantees.

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