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Get Rid Of Tripping Hazards With Stump Grinding in Ellicott City, MD

When trees are cut down and hauled away but the stump is left sticking out of the ground, it can cause a tripping hazard. Stump Grinding in Ellicott City MD can solve the problem of unsightly stumps and the tripping hazards they may cause. Not all stumps are tripping hazards, but they can limit the use of a lawn, attract insects, and look unsightly. On their own, these stumps can take years to rot away. But, stump grinding in Ellicott City MD can make them disappear in a day.

Tree Services

Companies such as Ballard Enterprises offer full tree services and landscaping design, installation, and maintenance. The same company can furnish and plant new trees and shrubs, care for them as they grow and age, and safely remove them and haul them away when necessary. When they cut down old or damaged trees, the experts can also grind the stumps below ground level so they disappear. Then, a new tree can be planted.

Not all trees need to be cut down. Many trees can be saved with proper trimming and first aid. There is even help for trees that are diseased or infested with insects. A tree company will have the proper, safe chemicals and methods to care for distressed trees. Healthy trees can grow in an awkward way and need expert trimming to look their best. Fruit trees need careful trimming to help them bear the most fruit.

Other Landscape Services

Landscape and tree service companies often offer additional services such as after-storm cleanup, fall cleanup, and spring cleanup. They may offer lawn and tree maintenance services on a regularly scheduled basis. There are landscape companies that will design and install new landscaping including stone paths, ponds and other water features, and retaining walls. They can furnish and lay sod and care for or add flower gardens and attractive outdoor living areas. When trees are periodically examined and cared for by experts, they stay healthy and last years longer.

The lawn may have problem spots where the grass is dying or a low spot collects water. The lawn can be infested with crabgrass or other stubborn weeds. A call to the landscape company can bring an expert to solve all these lawn problems. Go to for more landscaping information.

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