Dewatering for Efficient Waste Disposal

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Waste Management

For large industries and small towns, dewatering can be an effective waste management method. The process of dewatering is fairly simple, but the benefits are great.

Dewatering does exactly as its name implies. It is the process of separating the liquids from the solids in waste, removing the water. As the water is removed, the remaining solids, called sludge, require far less space and are disposed of more easily.

When you begin the process of dewatering, you will contract with a waste management company to purchase a sludge dewatering box for your facility. Work closely with your provider to ensure you have the required permits and that your city or county allows the box. The waste management company will set up the equipment and will get everything up and running.

Once your sludge dewatering box is installed, the rest of the process is efficient and low maintenance. Periodically, based on the amount of waste your facility produces, the sludge will need to be disposed of at a proper site. You can transport the waste yourself, or contract with a company to transport it on your behalf. The frequency will depend upon the amount of waste your business produces.

Dewatering is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to manage waste. You’ll save money in waste management fees, and may even be able to take on dewatering for nearby businesses to recoup your investment if it’s feasible.

Talk with a professional waste management equipment company about installing a sludge dewatering box at your facility. This simple decision can ensure more efficient and cost-effective waste disposal with very little effort on your part. When you see the cost savings you can gain by managing your own waste; you’ll wish you had taken this simple step for your business years earlier.

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