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CNC Machine Services – Changing the World One Part at a Time

There has always been a strong market for machined parts and materials but since computerized machining came on the market, things changed forever. Let’s look at this process and why the world is a much better and more efficient place because of CNC machine services.

What is CNC?
CNC or computer numeric control is nothing new. In fact, it has been with us for more than 40 years. The method was once known as numeric controlled machining until computers were added to the process. Since the use of CNC, manufacturing has been changed forever, and for the good.

Machining in the Past
Years ago, some of the first power machining was done with equipment like drill presses. A drill press represents a significant advance over holding a drill and doing the job manually because a much higher rate of precision is applied. In addition, this accuracy can be repeated over and over as long as the machine setting does not change.

Milling was done with simple lathes and early lathes were powered by foot pedals and water power. By using a lathe, one could create a variety of complex shapes like ornate table legs and other materials. However, manual machining processes were slow and not extremely accurate. In fact, the accuracy depended a great deal upon the skill of the machinist.

Computers Enter the Picture
The entire process of machining changed almost overnight with the introduction of CNC machine services. At first, these machines were able to mechanize standard processes like hole drilling, cutting, and shaping. Simple tasks the machinist used to perform could now be done by a machine. However, today’s computerized machining takes the process to an entirely new level.

Benefits of Computerized Machining
Thanks to computers, it is now much easier to perform complex machining tasks.

However, many mundane and repetitive tasks can now be done by machines, and this removes a great deal of the boredom and chance for repetitive motion injuries to workers. Yes, fewer workers are needed, but people are still required to operate the machines, check quality and make sure everything continues to run smoothly.

Because the modern machine shop can operate with fewer skilled workers, they have become highly efficient. In fact, these shops can afford to charge less for their services and this benefits their customers and the consumers. Thanks to CNC machine services, technology has advanced, prices have lowered and life is much more convenient than in the past.

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