Cat Bites Are Dangerous To Other Cats – And People

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There are a number of good reasons to neuter a male cat, but reducing aggressive behavior is one of the most important. The serious consequences of a cat fight normally appear sometime later. After the fight, both cats may appear to be relatively unharmed, but one or both cats could be seriously injured.

Cat Bites can be Dangerous for People

This is just as true if the cat bites a person, as the teeth inject bacteria deep into the tissues and joints. In fact, a cat’s fangs can do more damage than a dog bite because they inject the bacteria deeper. Anyone who is bitten by a cat should seek medical help immediately, as delaying can result in hospitalization.

Cat Bites and Abscesses

Cats can, and often do, develop an abscess at the site of the bite. If the cat is long-haired, the injury may not be readily apparent at first, although the cat will become lethargic and uninterested in eating.

Because a cat’s fangs are able to sink deep beneath the skin, the surface of the wound might heal over. The infection is kept inside and the cat develops a fever. Pus develops from the diseased, decaying tissue and eventually begins to drain from the wound. The cat will be in pain and the discharge will have a foul odor. By now, the cat is in serious trouble and needs to be taken immediately to an Animal Clinic in Honolulu.


* The abscess needs to be lanced, if not already open, and flushed clean at an Animal Clinic in Honolulu. Sedation is often required since the cat may be in considerable pain. Surgical trimming and stitches may be needed, as well as further draining.

* Antibiotics are absolutely essential. Pills or a liquid can be administered daily or the veterinarian can inject an antibiotic which lasts for two weeks.

* Warm compresses encourage draining; apply a warm washcloth to the area for a few minutes once or twice a day.

Neutering your male cat is the best way to protect both the cat and your family, as well as prevent most spraying, with its strong, unpleasant odor. The Honolulu Pet Clinic is well-equipped to spay or neuter. If your cat has been bitten by another cat, the cat should be examined by the vet immediately. Quick treatment will be both easier on the cat and less expensive for you. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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