Advantages of Custom Extrusions

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Aluminium

The custom extrusion process involves turning aluminum into different shapes. The goal of this process is to make aluminum become part of cross-section profiles. Creating custom extrusions offers a multitude of benefits.

Extrusion Process
When aluminum is created as part of the extrusion process, a provider of custom extrusions will push the aluminum through a die. This allows the producer of the extrusions to develop cross-sections that are complex while also making the metal stronger. One of the chief benefits of buying aluminum shapes that are extruded is that the manufacturing costs are reduced, and so is the purchased part weight.

Other Extrusion Benefits
Another chief advantage of custom aluminum extrusions is that the material is very accessible. Aluminum is a commonly mined material, with no shortages expected on the horizon; this makes it effortless for you to find suppliers of aluminum. As you search for providers of custom extrusions, make sure you choose a company that has a deep understanding of the process of extrusion and can process as well as inventory your extrusions as necessary.

Additional Benefits
Extrusion is one of the most popular manufacturing processes because it is economical; in fact, it is considered the most inexpensive way to create parts that have constant cross sections. This is because the process is efficient, with only a small quantity of material wasted. The designer can easily put the aluminum exactly where he or she wants it, so the process is very convenient.

Compared with extrusion, fabricating shapes via the welding process is costly. With welding, every work piece has to be welded, and the costs don’t decrease with volume much. In some cases, the cost associated with the needed welding jigs is a lot higher than that associated with the type of extrusion die required to produce the same shape.

Also, the cost tied to roll forming dies is high when compared with that linked to extrusion dies. The right provider of extrusions can answer any questions you have about the process so that you feel confident that your needs will be met.

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