7 Of the Trendiest Landscaping Designs to Take Inspiration from in 2015

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Landscape Contractors

The newest home and garden landscape designs in Bloomfield Hills, MI that have hit the market for the year 2015 are trendy and awe-inspiring. Why? Because newer and far better concepts are being introduced in the world of landscaping, ideas that are effectively eradicating the boundaries and restrictions that were prevalent before, in effective landscape designing of both homes and gardens.

Out of ideas when it comes to your garden’s landscape design in Bloomfield Hills, MI? I personally took the assistance of the experts at when I was in such a fix; but for you, here are some ideas that I have collected and consider to be the best, so take inspiration from them when you are planning the landscaping of your beautiful home.

1. Black Hard-scaping Palette
Almost minimalist and monochromatic, a black palette will act as a dramatic backdrop for all the green plants in your garden; with weathered and wooden furniture dotted here and there, and gray gravel covering the ground. Start by painting the walls and fences black, place black colored pots and planters, and bring in furniture that complements the color palette.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Flow
For incorporating this particular design in a perfect manner, you will have to think like an architect. Don’t worry; this isn’t as hard as it sounds. All you have to do is to merge your living space with your garden, which will automatically increase the livable square footage of your home. You can maximize the flow between indoor and outdoor environments by increasing the size of the door openings or by installing French doors in your home; for example.

3. Portable Garden Beds
When it comes to renters who don’t wish to invest a ton of money into landscaping, a portable garden design proves to be the ideal solution. Raised beds or planters on casters can be used to make the perfect portable garden, while still providing a lot of ease and convenience when it comes to re-arranging the outdoor space. Especially during the winter, potted plants in their rolling stands can be transported indoors very easily even if the pot is heavy.

4. House Numbers as Art
Gone are the days when just a simple, basic and often picked from the local hardware store, house plaque worked. Now, one of the main landscape designs in Bloomfield Hills, MI that sets the tone of your house is the custom made plaque; hand-crafted, bespoke or painted. The simple reason why custom made designs of plaques in different materials are trending in the landscaping scene is because; they are able to create instant curb appeal for your home.

When it comes to finding landscaping ideas and implementing them into your garden or home; its best to take the help of professional landscape designers as they have more expertise when it comes to designing homes and gardens.

Experte consulting with the professional landscape designers at for landscape designs in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Contact them for more detials.

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