5 Ways to Make Trips to the Vet Easier for Your Dog

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Pets and Pet Care

Visits to the vet can be traumatic for your pet. Here’s how to make it easier for your pooch.

Find the right vet

It’s much easier to get your dog to get over his anxiety over seeing the vet if you pick the right doctor and veterinary hospital in Columbia MD, The Spruce says. Someone who knows how to handle animals right and who is amazing at interacting with them make for an excellent option.

Train your dog

Get your pet used to being handled. Bringing him to grooming salons can help. You’ll want to read up on what a vet exam includes. Then start doing it on your own to your dog. The point of the exercise is just to get your dog used to being handled so he’ll be much more accepting of it at the vet’s clinic.

Swing by for fun

Let your dog associate trips to the vet with something fun. Swing by even if there’s no exam. Give your dog a treat during the visit. That way, he’ll think of it as a happy social visit, making it easier for you to bring him for your next appointment at the veterinary hospital in Columbia MD.

Stay calm

Keep in mind that your pet takes his cues from you. If you’re tensed and worried about the upcoming exam or if you’re stressed out, that’s going to affect your pet as well. Your dog will sense that you aren’t okay and that may be enough reason for him to be upset over the visit. Avoid this by remaining calm on your visits.

Pack treats

Always bring treats that you can give your dog before and after the trip. That’s going to help motivate him and give him a boost or extra encouragement.

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