Drug Addiction

5 Principles of an Effective Rehabilitation

Excellent rehabilitation can help your recovery tremendously. If you want to make sure you’re in the right facility and that you’re receiving the best treatment possible, here are a few pointers on what an effective treatment should be:

Addiction Is Treatable

Any treatment should be based on that premise. It’s a hopeful thought, allowing recovering addicts to have the idea that it’s entirely possible to live a drug-free life.

Treatment Varies

No single detox approach or treatment plan works for everyone. People have different needs, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, so do your best to find a Malibu rehab facility that recognizes that fundamental fact. Otherwise, one-size-fits-all treatments won’t be able to fully help you, much less make a difference in your situation.

Treatment Must Be Well-Rounded

The best treatment programs are the ones designed to address all of your needs—mental and emotional—and not just the effects or symptoms of your drug abuse, says Drug Abuse. That means finding out what triggered the addiction in the first place. Was it anxiety, trauma, or stress? Any of these could be factors. Your treatment should explore the many ways you could manage these triggers on your own, all without resorting to drugs.

Co-Occurring Conditions Are Diagnosed

Your co-occurring conditions should be treated at the same time as your addiction. If you ever wonder why you always feel depressed or experience feelings that aggravate your drug use, then you may be able to finally receive a diagnosis. Some cases of addiction come with a number of other behavioral and mental conditions. The right way to resolve both is to provide treatment for your existing conditions.

Duration of Treatment

Some treatment programs last for only 28 days. Some last for six months to a year. Choosing one should depend on the degree of your condition. The shorter ones are effective if you want to focus on detoxification. However, for more intensive help, longer treatment programs may be a more suitable option.

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