3 Reasons To Upgrade To Granite Countertops In Minneapolis

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Home Improvement

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most commonly renovated or upgraded rooms in any Minneapolis home. They are also the rooms that can easily make a home look very dated if they have the classic colors and design schemes of decades past.

Upgrading or renovating is not a low-cost option, but it also has additional advantages you may not have considered. When planning your renovation, there are several very good reasons to upgrade to granite countertops over standard tile or laminate.

While there are some new and very nice looking options in both tile and laminate, there are some definite disadvantages as well. Lower cost and easy to install even on your own, they are also more likely to stain, crack and chip compared to natural stone.

To help in your decision to upgrade to granite countertops, here are three very important considerations to keep in mind. Of course, there are a lot more positives to this material, but these are the big three for most homeowners.

The Look and Value

The look of granite is unmistakable and gives a rich, durable look to any kitchen. Selecting different colors and designs in the granite can match more to a sophisticated modern kitchen or blend perfectly with a rustic or traditional look.

Along with the look, there is also the increase in value these countertops will add to your home. If you are planning on selling or if you wish to make this your home for life the added value is important to consider.

Low Maintenance

A common misperception is that granite countertops are a lot of work and maintenance. The new options in polished granite will require the same level of care of most countertops, including wiping up spills and sealing the counters once a year. This is a procedure you can do on your own or hire a company to come in and complete the task.

Long Lasting

Granite, as well as marble, has been in use for thousands of years. These are countertops that will outlast the rest of your home and that will never need to be replaced with just a bit of care and attention.

If you want to add that element of high-end looks and extra value to your kitchen or bathroom, granite is the way to go. With a wide range of different patterns in the stone you will find the combination that is perfect for your countertops.

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