Why Purchase a New Volvo V60, Find a Dealership near Rockford

Buying a car is a challenging decision to make, and Rockford residents have many choices available to them. Deciding on a Volvo is an excellent choice, but you still have many available models from which to choose. If you’re leaning toward a Volvo V60, you may wonder what options are available or why it’s so different than the rest.

Trims Available

The new 2018 model has many improvements from earlier versions. The Volvo V60 provides you with a comfortable ride and has many unique features that previous versions didn’t get. You get better style and sophistication and have newer performance metrics that help you regardless of where you drive. You can also find special features, such as the forward-collision warning system, along with lane-keep assistance. You also get Xenon headlights with new high-beam standards that present interesting results.

Trim options can include the Cross Country trim with newer standardized equipment and the Platinum trim. All versions of the vehicle now use all-wheel drive and have excellent infotainment systems that offer navigation features.


The V60’s engine gives you 362 horsepower, which is one of the most powerful engines in its class. You get plenty of pace and can take full advantage of the engine.

Safety Features

You always get safety when you choose the Volvo brand, but the V60 has been labeled one of the safest cars in 2017, and the newer model year has more designations and attributes than ever before. Advanced technologies can include the Full Auto Brake and pedestrian detection technology. The car itself can warn you if pedestrians are nearby so that you can go slower and prevent accidents or issues.

Whether you frequently drive on the highway or through the city, you’ll find that the safety features help you stay in control of the vehicle and remind you to pay close attention to what is around you.

The Volvo V60 available in Rockford from Mcgrath Volvo Cars. Visit them near Rockford at and see what options are available.

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